CFDP - Collaborative Federal Depositories Program

ASERL COE Database

The ASERL COE (Centers of Excellence) Database application assists in the management of Federal government publications that are held by both Regional and Selective libraries in the ten ASERL states.

A Google account is required to access this application. Clicking the Google 'Sign in' button will open the Google authentication page where you can create a new account or sign in with an existing account. Your Google account must be registered with the ASERL COE Database application before access can be granted.

New Google Sign In!

In order to remain in compliance with Google's authentication process changes, the application development team has updated the 'Sign in' button below. The button will now open a smaller pop-up window where you can enter your Google credentials. If you do not see this window, please make sure pop-up windows are not disabled for this page. After login, you will be sent to the 'CFDP Home' page as normal.