Workshop Details
Title: How to Use the IR@UF: Uploading Content and Rights Management
Sponsor: Library West
Topic: Scholarly Communications
Duration: 1.5hrs
Audience: UF Community
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Online Training Link: View
Detailed Description: The Institutional Repository (IR@UF) is a library sponsored digital archive for the scholarly works generated at the University of Florida by faculty, staff and students. This workshop will introduce the kinds of materials housed in IR@UF and demonstrate the process for uploading content into the IR via the self-submittal tool. Further, this workshop will explain the use and application of the new rights management statements incorporated into the IR@UF as well as UF’s greater Digital Library. Usage of appropriate rights management statements better inform users of UF’s digital collections of the copyright status of items that have been uploaded and shared as well as inform uses as to how that content may be reused. This workshop will be co-presented with Christy Shore, IR@UF Manager.

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