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NameEmail AddressDepartmentPhone NumberOffice LocationSubject Specialty
Jessica Aberle jaberle@ufl.eduArchitecture & Fine Arts(352) 273-2809 207 Fine Arts Building A
Marcia Alden m.alden@ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-3293 L401B Marston Science Library
Greg Allen gregall@uflib.ufl.eduCataloging and Discovery Services(352) 273-2707 400 Smathers Library
Mark Allender markall@uflib.ufl.eduAcquisitions(352) 273-2690 400 Smathers Library
Chad Alpaugh chadalpaugh@ufl.eduLibrary West Circulation(352) 273-2820 Library West
Suzan Alteri salteri@ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 273-2870 306 Smathers Library Children's Literature
Maggie Ansell meansell@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8410 C1-21C Health Science Center Medicine
Health & Human Performance
Health Education
Consumer Health
Shelley Arlen shelarl@uflib.ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2633 516 Library West History, general
History:North America/British
Matthew Armstrong matthewwayland@ufl.eduArchitecture & Fine Arts(386) 316-1709 Government House (St. Augustine)
Alan Asher aasher@ufl.eduArchitecture & Fine Arts(352) 273-2805 207 Fine Arts Building A Music
Joe Aufmuth mapper@uflib.ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-0371 L301A Marston Science Library Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Remote Sensing
School of Forest Resources & Conservation
Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences
Jose Baca josbaca@uflib.ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2876 L201A Marston Science Library
Tiffany Baglier tbaglier@ufl.eduEducation Library(352) 273-2786 1531 Norman Hall Education
Charlotte Barnes cbarnes@uflib.ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2629 509 Library West
James Barnett jrb74@ufl.eduPreservation(352) 273-2650 Interim Library Facility
Aimee Barrett aimbarr@uflib.ufl.eduAcquisitions(352) 273-2784 400 Smathers Library Health & Human Performance
Physiology and Kinesiology
Sport Management
Verna Bedford vernbed@uflib.ufl.eduAcquisitions(352) 273-2684 400 Smathers Library
Jami Beserock jambese@uflib.ufl.eduAccess Support(352) 273-2539 245 Library West Genealogy
Neelam Bharti neelambh@ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2872 209B Marston Science Library Chemistry
Chemical Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering
Soil & Water Science
Nuclear Engineering
Thomas Bielicke tombiel@uflib.ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-2893 L215D Marston Science Library
Bridget Bihm-Manuel bmbm@ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 294-1052 200A Smathers Library
Stephanie Birch stephanie.birch@ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2656 538 Library West African-American Studies
Ramona Blunt rablunt@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0701 Holland Hall
Jean Bossart jean.bossart@ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2864 L201C Marston Science Library Electrical & Computer Engineering
Engineering, general
Environmental Engineering Sciences
Industrial & Systems Engineering
Cynthia Bowker cbowker@uflib.ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-2895 253 Library West
Laurie Brennan laubren@uflib.ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-2861 200B Smathers Library
Amy Buhler abuhler@ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2879 L209C Marston Science Library Biomedical Engineering
Engineering, general
Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Nuclear & Radiological Sciences
Verne Burch vburch@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8401
Gail Burton gailcraw@ufl.eduDevelopment & Achievement(352) 273-2509 535 Library West
Will Canova wcanova@uflib.ufl.eduDigital Production Services(352) 273-2905 Interim Library Facility UF Digital Collections
Jeremiah Carlson jccarlson@ufl.eduFiscal Services(352) 273-2560 402 Library West
Kendra Carter kencart@uflib.ufl.eduDigital Production Services(352) 273-2834 Interim Library Facility
Tara Cataldo tara@uflib.ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2868 L306B Marston Science Library Botany
Sciences, general
Microbiology & Cell Science
Will Chaney wilchan@uflib.ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-2801 256 Library West
Alexis Charnas acharnas24@ufl.eduDigital Production Services(352) 273-2915 115 Interim Library Facility
Todd Chisholm todchis@uflib.ufl.eduCataloging and Discovery Services(352) 273-2713 103 Interim Library Facility
Penny Chou penchou@uflib.ufl.eduMead Library(352) 392-1554 x258
Gregory Clayton clayt@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8428
Gus Clifton elwood@ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-6558 C2-25 Health Science Center
Misty Colson mcolson@uflib.ufl.eduLibrary Administration(352) 273-2505 535 Library West
Liz Cousins cousins@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0720 171E Holland Hall
Cindy Craig clcraig@ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2649 503 Library West Criminology
Arts in Medicine
First Year Writing:ENC 1101/1102
Pamela Cunningham-Williams pamwill@uflib.ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 273-2758 207 Smathers Library
Brad Curry cbc@uflib.ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2855 L215C Marston Science Library
Madison Curry mcurry@ufl.eduAuxiliary Library Facility(352) 273-2708 Interim Library Facility
Jim Cusick jamcusi@uflib.ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 273-2778 306 Smathers Library History, Florida
Matthew D'Apice mjdapice@ufl.eduLibrary West Circulation(352) 273-2542 257 Library West
Clinton Dailey clidail@uflib.ufl.eduAuxiliary Library Facility(352) 273-2552 103 Interim Library Facility
Matthew Daley matdale@uflib.ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-8437 C2-30 Health Science Center
Shamika Dalton sdalton@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0702 175A Holland Hall Law and Legal Research
Megan Daly mmdaly@ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2709 556 Library West Classics
Linnea Danielsen linanci@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8424
Donald David dondavid@ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-8436 C2-29 Health Science Center
Melanie Davis davism@ufl.eduAccess Support(352) 273-2522 245 Library West
Bess De Farber besdefa@uflib.ufl.eduHuman Resources(352) 273-2519 422 Library West
Shelia DeRoche sderoche1@ufl.eduDigital Production Services(352) 273-2696 117 Interim Library Facility
Michael Dietz mdietz@ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2620 500 Library West
Todd Digby digby@ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-2590 257 Library West
Chelsea Dinsmore chedins@uflib.ufl.eduDigital Production Services(352) 273-0369 148 Interim Library Facility European Union
Diana Dombrowski ddombrowski@ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-0173 555 Library West Nygren Scholars Studio
Larisa Dumich dlarisa@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8408
Fletcher Durant fdurant@ufl.eduPreservation(352) 273-2802 Interim Library Facility
Susan Duser susduse@ufl.eduCataloging and Discovery Services(352) 273-2720 400 Smathers Library
Mary Edwards meedwards@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8421 C1-21C Health Science Center Medicine
Cynthia Ellison cellison@ufl.eduJacksonville HSC Library (Borland)(904) 244-3240
Michelle Elneil michelleelneil@ufl.eduAcquisitions(352) 273-2671 400 Smathers Library
Rachael Elrod relrod@ufl.eduEducation Library(352) 273-2627 1512 Norman Hall Education
Jessie English j.english@ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 273-2655 200A Smathers Library
Tiffany Esteban tcesteban@ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2875 L306 Marston Science Library
Lori Eubanks lheubanks@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8402
Stacey Ewing staewin@uflib.ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2618 502 Library West
Jennifer Farrington jenfarr@uflib.ufl.eduMap & Imagery Library(352) 273-2825 101 Smathers Library
Debra Fetzer debfetz@uflib.ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-2894 253 Library West
Jeffrey Flanagan jmflanagan@ufl.eduLibrary West Circulation(352) 273-2527 258 Library West
Christina Flores christinaflores@ufl.eduCataloging and Discovery Services(352) 273-2839 102 Auxilary Library Facility
Sam Fraleigh srfraleigh@ufl.eduCataloging and Discovery Services(352) 273-2716 400 Smathers Library
Bruce Fraleigh iluvrain@ufl.eduAcquisitions(352) 273-2699 400 Smathers Library Gifts
Ross Franklin rosfran@uflib.ufl.eduEducation Library(352) 273-2785 1531A Norman Hall
Richard Freeman richardfreeman@ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2621 555 Library West Anthropology
John Freund johfreu@uflib.ufl.eduPreservation(352) 273-2835 Interim Library Facility
LeiLani Freund leifreu@uflib.ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2622 508 Library West Linguistics
Sport Management
Tourism and Recreation
Health & Human Performance
Christine Fruin christine.ross@ufl.eduLibrary Administration(352) 273-2710 522 Library West Copyright
Open Access
Jossie T. Garcia josgarc@ufl.eduSpecial Collections - Latin America(352) 273-2774 300 Smathers Library
Sterling Garcia sterlinggarcia@ufl.eduDevelopment & Achievement(352) 273-2514 533 Library West
Claire Germain germain@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0703 186 Holland Hall
Sara Gonzalez saragonz@ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2889 L208A Marston Science Library Mathematics
Jorge Gonzalez cubano@uflib.ufl.eduCataloging and Discovery Services(352) 273-2719 400 Smathers Library
Jake Goodson jcgoodson@ufl.eduDigital Production Services(352) 273-2901 127 Interim Library Facility
Enrico Gumbayan enrgumb@uflib.ufl.eduAcquisitions(352) 273-2686 400 Smathers Library
Pamela Handley phandley@ufl.eduDigital Production Services(352) 273-2593 117 Interim Library Facility
Bill Hanssen bhanssen@uflib.ufl.eduFacilities Planning(352) 273-2575 134A Library West
Susan Harnett sharnett@ufl.eduJacksonville HSC Library (Borland)(904) 244-2147
Paige Harper paigar@uflib.ufl.eduCataloging and Discovery Services(352) 273-0377 Auxilary Library Facility
Robin Haskins robhask@uflib.ufl.eduLibrary West Circulation(352) 273-2525 245 Library West
Brad Hatch bhatch@uflib.ufl.eduFacilities Planning(352) 273-2575 138 Library West
Haven Hawley ehh@ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 273-2765 210A Smathers Library
Jason Heckathorn jrheckathorn@uflib.ufl.eduAcquisitions(352) 273-2521 420 Smathers Library
Kenneth Herniman kenhern@uflib.ufl.eduMap & Imagery Library(352) 273-2825 101 Smathers Library
Steven Hersh s.hersh@ufl.eduAccess Support(352) 273-2543 245 Library West
Jody Hewitt jodyb@uflib.ufl.eduCataloging and Discovery Services(352) 273-0375 Auxilary Library Facility
April Hines aprhine@uflib.ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2728 540 Library West Advertising
Public Relations
Telecommunications & Broadcasting
Mass Communications(Graduate)
Joseph Hitzler josephitzyk1@ufl.eduFacilities Planning(352) 273-2581 134A Library West
Anne-Marie Hollingshead amhollingshead@ufl.eduFiscal Services(352) 273-2562 407 Library West
Barbara Hood bhood@uflib.ufl.eduDevelopment & Achievement(352) 273-2505 535 Library West
Chloe Hough choughatuf@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8987 C1-24 Health Science Center
Samuel Huang huang888@ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 273-2817 200D Smathers Library Rare Books
Hélène Huet hhuet@ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2771 541 Library West French and Francophone Studies
Italian Studies
Portuguese Studies
Spanish Studies
Andy Hunn hunnja@ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-2726 L215F Marston Science Library
Kimberly Hunt kawh@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8449
Rebecca Jefferson rjefferson@ufl.eduSpecial Collections - Judaica Library(352) 273-2865 Judaica Suite Smathers Library Jewish Studies
Melissa Jerome mmespino@ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2637 542 Library West Florida & Puerto Rico Digital Newspaper Project
Rae Jesano rjesano@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8444 C1-21C Health Science Center Pharmacy
Vanessa Jewett vjewett@uflib.ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2854 L207A Marston Science Library
Lela Johnson lellync@uflib.ufl.eduLibrary Administration(352) 273-2505 535 Library West
Taji Joly njoly@ufl.eduAccess Support(352) 273-2685 245 Library West
Janice Kahler jkahler@uflib.ufl.eduAccess Support(352) 273-2537 245 Library West
Joe Kaleita kaleita@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0706 Holland Hall
Kierra Kaymore kkaymore@ufl.eduAccess Support(352) 273-2746 245 Library West
Brian Keith brikeit@uflib.ufl.eduHuman Resources(352) 273-2595 422 Library West
Doug Kiker dkiker@uflib.ufl.eduAcquisitions(352) 273-8429 Health Science Center
Paul Kirk pkirk@ufl.eduPreservation(352) 273-2772 Interim Library Facility
Sara Kiszka skiszka@ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 273-2678 200D Smathers Library
Ellen Knudson eknudson@uflib.ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 273-2754 307 Smathers Library
Gregory Krueger g.krueger@ufl.eduFiscal Services(352) 273-2558 407 Library West
Matthew Kruse mjkruse@ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 273-2513 200A Smathers Library
Elliott Kuecker egkuecker@ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0707 181 Holland Hall
Gretchen Kuntz gkuntz@ufl.eduJacksonville HSC Library (Borland)(904) 244-2143
Melba Lampp lampp@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0713 184 Holland Hall
Gerald Langford gerlang@uflib.ufl.eduCataloging and Discovery Services(352) 273-2723 400 Smathers Library
Avery Le averyle@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0712 175C Holland Hall Law and Legal Research
Michelle Leonard mleonard@uflib.ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2866 L209A Marston Science Library Geological Sciences
Entomology & Nematology
Civil & Coastal Engineering
Agricultural Statistics
School of Natural Resources & Environment
Responsible Conduct in Research
Animal Science
Sarah Lewis slewis@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0716 184M Holland Hall Law and Legal Research
Ann Lindell annlind@uflib.ufl.eduArchitecture & Fine Arts(352) 273-2805 203 Fine Arts Building A Architecture
Art & Art History
Building Construction
Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Urban & Regional Planning
Visualization Tools
Tina Marie Litchfield tlitchfield@uflib.ufl.eduHuman Resources(352) 273-2595 422 Library West
Jim Liversidge jimlive@uflib.ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 273-2759 208 Smathers Library Dance
Performing Arts
Robert Lockwood bobl@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8431
Jackson Looney djlooney@ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 294-8503 C2-15B Health Science Center
Paul Losch plosch@uflib.ufl.eduSpecial Collections - Latin America(352) 273-2747 300 Smathers Library Caribbean Studies
Latin America Studies
Beatriz Lugo blugo@uflib.ufl.eduCataloging and Discovery Services(352) 273-2724 400 Smathers Library
Emily Madden emimadd@uflib.ufl.eduSpecial Collections - Judaica Library(352) 273-2681 300 Smathers Library
Laydene Manning laymann@uflib.ufl.eduAcquisitions(352) 273-2695 400 Smathers Library
Keith Manuel kmanuel@ufl.eduAccess Support(352) 273-2540 245 Library West
Raimonda Margjoni raimarg@uflib.ufl.eduAcquisitions(352) 273-2698 400 Smathers Library
Taryn Marks tlmarks@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0719 177 Holland Hall Law and Legal Research
Gail Mathapo mathapo@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0725 175A Holland Hall Law and Legal Research
Tisha Mauney latmaun@uflib.ufl.eduArchitecture & Fine Arts(352) 273-2805 201 Fine Arts Building A
Daniel Maxwell danielmaxwell@ufl.eduScience Library(352) 294-1034 L301B Marston Science Library Wildlife Ecology & Conservation
Computer & Information Science & Engineering
Carol McAuliffe carolmc@uflib.ufl.eduMap & Imagery Library(352) 273-2825 101 Smathers Library Geography & Maps
Peggy McBride pmcbride@ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 273-2643 Smathers Library University Archives
Paul McDonough paulmcd@uflib.ufl.eduAccess Support(352) 273-2523 247 Library West
Peter McKay pzmckay@uflib.ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2634 513 Library West Business
AEE 3033:Business Research
Cynthia McLean cynmcle@uflib.ufl.eduAuxiliary Library Facility(352) 273-2550 Auxilary Library Facility
Sarah Meyer meyer.sarah@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-5559 C1-21 Health Science Center Dentistry
Victoria Miller victoriaamiller@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8988 C1-20 Health Science Center
Peter Miller petmill@uflib.ufl.eduFacilities Planning(352) 273-2578 134B Library West
Valrie Minson vdavis@ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2880 L312A Marston Science Library IFAS Centers
Patricia Morgan morganp@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0710 182 Holland Hall Law and Legal Research
Boyd Murphree bmurphree@ufl.eduDigital Production Services(352) 273-2906 117 Interim Library Facility
Hikaru Nakano hiknaka@uflib.ufl.eduCataloging and Discovery Services(352) 273-2727 400 Smathers Library Japanese Studies
Elaine Needelman elaneed@uflib.ufl.eduAcquisitions(352) 273-2687 400 Smathers Library
Janice Nelson janice.johnson@pky.ufl.eduMead Library(352) 392-1554 x240
Jenna Nelson jnelson1972@ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2884 L215A Marston Science Library
John Nemmers johnemm@uflib.ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 273-2766 208 Smathers Library
Chris Nicolich chrnico@uflib.ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-2891 L215E Marston Science Library
Hannah Norton nortonh@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8412 C1-21C Health Science Center Veterinary Medicine
Alan O'Malley alanom@ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-8438 C2-41B Health Science Center
Elisa O'Malley eomalley@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0728 171D Holland Hall
Jane Pen jpen@uflib.ufl.eduDigital Production Services(352) 273-2912 Interim Library Facility UF Digital Collections
Kent Perkins kperkins@flmnh.ufl.eduHerbarium(352) 392-1721 x208
Ron Perry perry@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0714 171A Holland Hall
Laura Perry lauraperry@ufl.eduDigital Production Services(352) 273-2911 Interim Library Facility
Terrence Phillips terphil@ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 273-2756 207 Smathers Library
Robert Phillips podengo@ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-8435 C2-027 Health Science Center
Joseph Piazza jpiazza@ufl.eduHuman Resources(352) 273-2601 427 Library West
Ariel Pomputius apomputius@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8441 Health Science Center Medicine
Susy Potter potter@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0716 184C Holland Hall
Deepa Prasad prasad@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0717 184B Holland Hall
Sarah Prentice prentice@ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2694 L501A Marston Science Library
Rachel Purcell purcell@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0705 184L Holland Hall Law and Legal Research
Tabby Pursley tabathap@ufl.eduAuxiliary Library Facility(352) 273-2549 148 Interim Library Facility
Samuel Putnam srputnam@ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2878 L201B Marston Science Library Aerospace Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Katalin Rac katalin.rac@ufl.eduSpecial Collections - Judaica Library(352) 273-2638 206 Library West
Patrick Reakes pjr@uflib.ufl.eduLibrary Administration(352) 273-2505 529 Library West Newspaper Guide
Dan Reboussin danrebo@ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 273-2642 200A Smathers Library African Studies
Randall Renner ranrenn@uflib.ufl.eduDigital Production Services(352) 273-2903 Interim Library Facility UF Digital Collections
Cliff Richmond crichmon@ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-8439 C2-16 Health Science Center
Chuck Robertson chuckr@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8408
Terry Rogers rogers@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0707 181 Holland Hall
Jana Ronan jronan@ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2623 512 Library West
Shirley Roseman sumindo@ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 294-7204 207 Smathers Library
Melody Royster mroyster@uflib.ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2661 312B Marston Science Library Agricultural Education & Communication
Family,Youth & Community
Food Science & Human Nutrition
Food & Resource Economics
Judy Rummel rummel@uflib.ufl.eduCataloging and Discovery Services(352) 273-2729 400 Smathers Library
Judith Russell judruss@uflib.ufl.eduDean of University Libraries(352) 273-2505 535 Library West
Patricia Ruwell patruwe@uflib.ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-0376 317 Library West
Sakuna Saengow ssaengow@ufl.eduLibrary West Circulation(352) 273-2592 Library West
Dan Salvano dansalv@uflib.ufl.eduArchitecture & Fine Arts(352) 273-2805 207 Fine Arts Building A
Lourdes Santamaría-Wheeler l.s.wheeler@ufl.eduLibrary Administration(352) 273-2564 527 Library West Exhibits
Safraz Sattaur safsatt@uflib.ufl.eduEducation Library(352) 273-2859 1531A Norman Hall
Nancy Schaefer nancys@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8417 C1-21C Health Science Center Communication Sciences & Disorders
Public Health
Samuel Schwartz samuelds@ufl.eduAccess Support(352) 273-2538 Library West
David Schwieder dschwieder@uflib.ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2660 518 Library West Political Science
Colleen Seale colleens@ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2619 507 Library West Business
AEE 3033:Business Research
Gender Studies
Women's/Gender Studies
John Seay johseay@uflib.ufl.eduArchitecture & Fine Arts(352) 273-2805 207 Fine Arts Building A
Terry Selfe tselfe1@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8420 C1-21 Health Science Center
Danielle Sessions dsessions@ufl.eduHuman Resources(352) 273-2544 422 Library West
Trey Shelton tshelton@ufl.eduAcquisitions(352) 273-8423 Health Science Center Electronic Resources
Colleen Sherman csherman@ufl.eduDigital Production Services(352) 273-2838 115 Interim Library Facility
Christy Shorey chrshor@uflib.ufl.eduDigital Production Services(352) 273-2831 Interim Library Facility
Alex Sierra West H&SS(352) 273-2528 259 Library West
Garfield Simmons gasimmons12@ufl.eduJacksonville HSC Library (Borland)(904) 244-2145
Plato Smith plato.smith@ufl.eduLibrary Administration(352) 294-1077 Library West Data Management
Bonnie J. Smith bonniesmith@ufl.eduHuman Resources(352) 273-2603 422 Library West
Douglas Smith dougsmith@uflib.ufl.eduCataloging and Discovery Services(352) 273-2731 400 Smathers Library
Nadine Smith janisz@ufl.eduFiscal Services(352) 273-2518 407 Library West
Terri Smith tersmit@uflib.ufl.eduCataloging and Discovery Services(352) 273-2680 Auxilary Library Facility
Kenneth Solomon kensolo@uflib.ufl.eduMap & Imagery Library(352) 273-2825 101 Smathers Library
Hang SooHoo hangsoo@uflib.ufl.eduAuxiliary Library Facility(352) 273-2551 102 Auxilary Library Facility
Angie Soto luarita@ufl.eduDigital Production Services(352) 273-2748 Interim Library Facility
Laura Spears laura.spears@ufl.eduLibrary Administration(352) 273-2711 552 Library West Assessment
Kathleen Spinks kspinks@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8430
Nathan St. Croix nstcroix@ufl.eduAuxiliary Library Facility(352) 273-2708 Interim Library Facility
Patrick Stanley patrickstanley@ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-8229 C2-15A Health Science Center
Suzanne Stapleton suzanne@ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2715 306A Marston Science Library Agriculture, general
Agronomy & Plant Pathology
Horticultural Sciences
Environmental Horticulture
Angela Stewart angstew@uflib.ufl.eduAcquisitions(352) 273-8403 C2-26 Health Science Center
Team Stocat  Auxiliary Library Facility(352) 273-2887 Auxilary Library Facility
Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig nstoyan@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8406 C3-55 Health Science Center HSC Archives
Theresa Sturzenbecker Sturz@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0718 184H Holland Hall
GW Swicord gwswicord@ufl.eduDigital Production Services(352) 273-2763 140 Interim Library Facility
Laurie Taylor laurien@ufl.eduLibrary Administration(352) 273-2902 528 Library West Digital Humanities
Data Curation
Digital Scholarship
Digital Library of the Caribbean
Digital Publishing
Public Humanities
Michele Tennant tennantm@ufl.eduHealth Science Center Library(352) 273-8426 C1-21C Health Science Center Genetics
Leonardo Tolentino leotole@uflib.ufl.eduFacilities Planning(352) 273-2548 134A Library West
Clayton Tucker tucc0002@ufl.eduAccess Support(352) 273-2904 249 Library West
Florence Turcotte floturc@uflib.ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 273-2767 208 Smathers Library
Joanna Tuskey jtuskey@ufl.eduLibrary West Circulation(352) 273-2533 258 Library West
Mike Tyler m.tyler82@ufl.eduInformation Technology(352) 273-2626 200B Smathers Library
Barrett Uhler barrettu@ufl.eduScience Library(352) 273-2874 L306 Marston Science Library
Christopher Vallandingham valland@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0708 175D Holland Hall Law and Legal Research
John Van Hook vanhook@ufl.eduLibrary West H&SS(352) 273-2636 515 Library West English
Folklore Studies
Performing Arts
Health & Human Performance
Health Education
Physiology and Kinesiology
Tourism and Recreation
David Van Kleeck dvankleeck@ufl.eduCataloging and Discovery Services(352) 273-2863 406 Smathers Library
Carl Van Ness carvann@uflib.ufl.eduSpecial Collections(352) 273-2764 306 Smathers Library Archives
Margarita Vargas-Betancourt mvargasb@ufl.eduSpecial Collections - Latin America(352) 273-2692 300 Smathers Library Caribbean Studies
Todd Venie tvenie@law.ufl.eduLegal Information Center(352) 273-0704 177 Holland Hall Law and Legal Research
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