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Cataloging for Acquisitions
View Resources Level 1 Understands the difference between level and status of records, and knows basic fields in MARC records. Ability to retrieve records from the data in basic MARC fields as well as in TKR fields in a...   more Ast2-Aso3
View Resources Level 2 Ability to create brief MARC records and adjust basic fields in existing (provisional) MARC records. Ability to add items and/or provisional HOL records as needed. Ability to create provisional...   more Ast2-Aso3
View Resources Level 3 Ability to load batches of vendor-supplied MARC records and OCLC-supplied MARC records; Ability to add data to existing MARC records to bypass Cataloging workflow, which may include (1) creation of...   more Ast3-Aso3
View Resources Level 4 Ability to use ALEPH batch record loading services and understands underlying architecture of data table to provide information for updates, as necessary.   Aso1-Aso3