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Cross-Departmental Category
View Resources Level 1 Understands and applies the librarys computer and Internet usage policies . Ability to navigate through UF website and find information pertinent to job duties . Can log in and navigate through myUFL....   more Ast1-Aso3
View Resources Level 2 * Ability to approve time in myUFL. * Ability to produce training reports in Libraries ITS training database. * Is able to navigate to and find UF policies and procedures pertinent to employment,...   more Ast1-Aso3
Core IT Security Practices
View Resources Level 1 Workstation: o Practices password security and change as required. o Follows directive to not share log on ID or password with others. o To prevent unauthorized use, password protect or locks...   more
View Resources Level 2 * Workstation: o Identifies icons on task bar for problems/required updates. o Familiarizes self with virus scan software and its functionality. o Identifies and seeks removal of any unauthorized...   more DSAs
Core Software Applications
View Resources Level 1 * Ability to perform routine tasks such as: o Create, save, retrieve and delete documents. o Use help feature to locate instructions on how to perform an unfamiliar task. o Perform basic editing...   more
View Resources Level 2 * Word Processing: Ability to perform tasks including: o Create and edit tables. o Move, resize, and delete pictures. o Change font, highlight and underline text. o Use Help features to locate...   more
View Resources Level 3 * Word Processing: Comfortable with the following procedures: o Perform a mail merge. o Use styles to create a table of contents. o Insert headers and footers. o Use the citations and...   more
Core Workstation Management
View Resources Level 1 Understands and uses basic computer hardware and peripherals: o Recognize and understand the functions of basic computer components and peripherals (desktop/tower unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse,...   more
View Resources Level 2 Ability to perform basic hardware tasks including:
  • Recognize/report/request replacement of defective peripherals (mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc.).
  • Seek unit authorization...   more
MS Access
View Resources Level 1 * Ability to do data entry in specified format; Ability to audit entered items and correct as necessary; Ability to mirror data represented in other systems within database.   Ast1-Aso3
View Resources Level 2 * Ability to generate meaningful reports from all data entered into database. * Send data to word or excel for further use.   Ast1-Aso3
View Resources Level 3 * Ability to create new databases according to set standards and expected needs for output.   Ast1-Aso3
Outlook Applications
View Resources Level 1 Ability to perform basic email functions including:
o Login in to UF webmail – work offline and remotely
o Receive, open, forward as needed, and delete email messages